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UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA: More for Arizona. More for Our Nation. More for the World

The University of Arizona’s robust research and development (R&D) enterprise is on the move. The success of the enterprise relies on the talent of UA researchers. It is their innovative ideas, hard work and productivity that drive the university forward.

Although UA has a strong legacy of R&D achievements, they are not satisfied.

The university's R&D goal is to do more. More for Arizona. More for our nation. More for the world.

UA has identified the following thematic areas that intersect its cross-cutting research strengths, R&D funding growth opportunities and Arizona industry sectors: translational biomedicine; space systems; optics & imaging; data science; and water, energy & arid environment.

To realize its R&D goals, specific strategic initiatives were developed within each of these areas by a faculty-centered “roadmapping” process.

UA has aligned its tactics with these specific initiatives:
• Catalytic hiring focused at the individual senior and junior faculty levels, as well as clusters of faculty hired concurrently to advance team science in specific topical areas
• New university-wide institutes and centers that convene researchers together around these common problems and support large scale research team proposals and awards
• Creating strategic partnerships with industry, with communities and stakeholders here and overseas to advance the R&D enterprise, speed innovation and deliver public benefit
• Deep investment in university-wide core research facilities that provide access to high precision and specialized instrumentation, cutting-edge technology and expert services

All in sectors that drive the Arizona economy – the UA R&D enterprise is creating jobs for Arizona and preparing our students for tomorrow’s workforce.