Arizona State University

Other Notable Activities

Student Entrepreneurship

As ASU continues to grow and strengthen its entrepreneurial focus, its entrepreneurship classes, programs and initiatives evolve and expand. One mainstay program, the Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative, has supported more than 1,000 students on more than 260 teams in the past 10 years, with investments totaling close to $12 million. Edson teams have raised more than $2 million in outside funding, filed over 30 patents and hired more than 150 employees.


Accelerators are a hands-on, intensive “boot camp” type of approach to venture creation. Examples of some of ASU’s venture accelerators are listed below.

Venture Vets
As men and women who have served in the military cycle out of their service, many of these veterans are well equipped to pursue an entrepreneurial career. The Veterans Startup Accelerator provides training and support to give veterans the tools they need to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams after faithfully serving their country.


ASU Startup Accelerator
As a key player in regional economic development through public-private partnerships, this accelerator targets local entrepreneurs and innovators outside of the university who are seeking assistance in launching their new startups and provides them with the same suite of entrepreneurial services offered to ASU faculty and students.


Cyber Accelerator
Cybersecurity has become a central issue in today’s volatile geopolitical landscape. Recognizing the increasing threats that we face as a country, ASU launched the Center for Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics Alliance with key industry partners to develop and commercialize new tools to help combat these growing risks.