Agilent Technologies Inc.

Agilent Technologies Inc., a spinout of Hewlett Packard, is the world’s premier measurement company and a leader in chemical analysis and measurement equipment. Agilent has entered into an option agreement for a nozzle technology developed by Dr. Uwe Weierstall, that produces nanoscale droplets from a virtual gas nozzle without clogging. Agilent is exploring the use of these nozzles in their analytic and diagnostic measuring equipment.

Advanced Tear Diagnostics, LLC

Advanced Tear Diagnostics, LLC, has exclusively licensed a patent portfolio for developing in vitro and in vivo diagnostics using tear fluid, saliva or blood for humans or companion animals. The company plans to develop a device that measures glucose levels in tears, which has the potential to replace current tests that require individuals with Type II diabetes to prick a finger every day to draw blood samples. The technology was developed by Dr. Jeffrey LaBelle et al. at ASU.

Curtiss Healthcare Inc

Curtiss Healthcare Inc., an ASU startup company, has licensed a platform technology employing attenuated Salmonella bacteria for the development of animal and human vaccines. The technology is based on a genetically engineered proprietary strain of Salmonella that is attenuated in its virulence and produces a robust immune response that is used as a vehicle for the introduction of a suitable antigen from a pathogenic microorganism (bacteria, viruses and fungi). The IP portfolio was created by Dr. Roy Curtiss et al. at ASU.

Rogers Corporation

Rogers Corporation, a global leader in innovative materials for power electronics and antennas, has entered into a non-exclusive option agreement for commercializing a novel process for creating thin film ferrite material developed at ASU by Dr. William Petuskey. This cutting-edge production process is cost effective, low temperature and moldable to any plastic shape. Additionally, Rogers Corporation has also entered into a sponsored research agreement with the university to further develop this technology.