ARIZONA state University

Startup Companies

Aural Analytics, LLC

Aural Analytics, LLC, develops solutions for automatic evaluation and intervention in speech therapy. The company’s proprietary technology algorithmically evaluates a speech signal along a number of dimensions that have been shown to contribute to decreased intelligibility (e.g. articulation, rhythm and phonation). This results in a series of reliable, objective outcome measures that improve clinical efficiency and provide actionable information to speech language pathologists for making better decisions about initiating, continuing or terminating treatment.

Smartiply, Inc.

Smartiply, Inc., is a venture-funded ASU startup seeking to transform the mobile technology industry by creating a fusion between Fog Networks and Internet of Things (IoT) through the development of the first Fog Computing Platform. By enabling collaboration and resource sharing among mobile devices through innovative products and services, the company plans to offer an effective solution to the perpetual challenges mobile users face with bandwidth, computing power and storage.

bioSyntagma, LLC

bioSyntagma, LLC, (formerly Omica, LLC) was founded to address a fundamental need to identify, selectively mobilize and transport single cells from biopsied tissue—including formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissue (FFPE) and frozen, fixed tissues—by utilizing a simple microfluidic device. bioSyntagma has developed the LightStream FloCell, which allows researchers to identify single cells of interest in FFPE or fresh frozen tissue, extract the cell, and transfer its contents to a downstream collection device. bioSyntagma combines microfluidic technology with laser microscopy to develop revolutionary tools for single and multi-cellular identification, isolation and transportation.