University of arizona


Associate professor invents macular degeneration breakthrough

UA08-067 - Invented by Associate Professor Brian McKay, Ph.D., UA Ophthalmology and Vision Science, this technology which was licensed to Snyder Biomedical Corporation.

UA researchers team
with UC Irvine to invent genotype-specific
carcinoma treatment

UA08-102 - Invented by Eugene Gerner, Ph.D., and Patricia Carino, Ph.D., UA Cellular and Molecular Medicine, along with co-inventors from the University of California, Irvine, this technology was licensed to UA startup Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals.

Sensitive Ion Detection Device and Method for Analysis of Compounds
as Vapors in Gases

UA08-034 - Invented by Denton Bonner, Ph.D., UA Chemistry, and Roger Sperline, Ph.D., UA Chemistry & Biochemistry, this technology was licensed to Tucson Trace Detection, LLC.

Multi-Chip Vecsel-Based Laser Tunable Independently at Multiple Wavelengths

UA12-116 - Invented by Mahmoud Fallahi, Ph.D., Chris Hessenius Ph.D., and graduate student Michal Lukowski, this technology was exclusively licensed to UA startup TPhotonics.