Universityof arizona

Startup Companies

MetOXs Electrochemicals

MetOXs Electrochemicals is a mining and energy storage company focused on utilizing molten salts in both extracting metal from ore and the capture and storage of the energy involved in refining and smelting. The method of metal refining developed by the company works by heating the ore using molten salts to temperatures exceeding 1500 degrees Fahrenheit such that the copper is separated from the ore for easy collection. This method is applicable to any mineral extraction process, toxin-free, and more efficient than the current standard.


Caltrode is developing a sensor to monitor the voltage differential between refinery pipes and their high temperature, molten salt contents. With real-time data from the sensor, refinery operators can adjust the salt mix to eliminate the voltage differential, which causes galvanic corrosion if left unchecked. The company’s primary technology is a specialized electrode that sits inside pipes transporting these molten materials and monitors the voltage differential between the pipes and their lava-hot contents

Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Promutech Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is working on an FLT3 inhibitor technology. The inventors expect to license the technology to their new startup within the fiscal year. The company is working is to develop therapies that will be capable of prolonging the productive lives of AML patients and potentially patients of other related cancers like lymphomas and myelomas by effectively suppressing disease promotion and resistance.

Anivive Lifesciences, Inc.

Anivive Lifesciences, Inc. discovers and develops pharmaceutical drugs for use in dogs and cats. The company screens chemical entities via artificial intelligence algorithms, identifies potential therapeutics, acquires rights of the identified chemicals, and develops the chemicals into drugs


Filmstacker was founded through the success of a webapp that accompanied the full-length documentary film, “Beyond the Mirage.” Developed by the media team in the UA College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the system allows users — primarily in educational settings — to create, share and discuss online mini-documentaries.

The Sharing Tribes

The Sharing Tribes platform provides a unique opportunity for people to lend and borrow goods and services within a private social network. The team has created a software-as-a-service platform that connects coworkers in a private company marketplace to borrow and lend goods plus volunteer services to help each other. Their mobile application has a familiar and intuitive retail user interface that enhances the coordination of sharing exchanges through scheduling, tracking and notifications.